So This Is How You Stay Healthy?

The Nightcap

Nightcap for 03/10/2019


“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

– Joyce Meyer

Black Goes Ballistic

If you’ve so much as opened your Facebook page or caught the tail end of some news segment in the last month, you’re probably fully aware that the vaccination debate has gone from just that – a debate – to a full-on war.

Numerous measle outbreaks have caused an international emergency, forcing new legislation to enforce parents to vaccinate their children.

While thousands of people – both everyday Joe Shmoes and high-profile celebrities – have publicly voiced their opinion on the topic, nobody has managed to do it quite like Lewis Black.

The outspoken, incredibly boisterous, and incredibly funny comedian went on The Daily Show recently to put in his two cents regarding the anti-vaccination movement.

Actually, the comedian gave more than his 2-cents; the man opened up his entire verbal savings-account regarding his opinion on vaccinations. And, true to Lewis Black form, this rant was both hysterical and left no-holds-barred.


Carbs Are Life

For America supposedly being one of the “Greatest Countries in The World”, we sure do fall behind on many important areas when compared to other countries.

To be honest, I’m not sure who even started all the “hype” that we’re the best country ever to exist. Did we star that rumor? Did some incredibly well-respected person just wake up one day and decide America trumped every other nation and all the U.S. citizens collectively pumped their fists in agreement? Because that’s kind of like self-appointing yourself a nickname or telling someone you’re funny – it just doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, I digress. Currently, America falls way behind in education, clean living, and health (to name a few things). This is probably why scientists are always looking to OTHER counties and communities as to why certain groups of people are healthier and live longer.

A group of scientists recently researched a community on an island off of Japan to get answers as to why they not only lived longer, but also aged at slower rates.

Turns out… carbs. That’s right. These practically immortal people have been downing carbs this whole time while the rest of us are eating cauliflower toast and peeing on keto strips.

Of course, this is an over-simplification of their diet and why they live healthier and longer lives. But if you want to learn more about their diet and how it can help you,


First Look Cobra Kai Season 2 Official Teaser

Daniel and Johnny are back and their rivalry is bigger than ever. Will Daniel’s new Miyagi-Do dojo have what it takes to beat Cobra Kai–or can Johnny keep the dream alive? Don’t miss the new season of COBRA KAI coming April 24, 2019 to YouTube Premium.