A Few Ways To Get Yourself A Nice Beating

The Nightcap

Nightcap for 03/13/2019


“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”

-Kurt Vonnegut

Taco Bell Workers Serve Food And Whup-Ass

Look out! The next time you go to Taco Bell and order your food, you’d better not complain to the employees about the length of time it takes to complete your order! These customers learned that the hard way when they went into a local Taco Bell and got a can of whup ass with their meal!

In this viral video, Taco Bell employees can be seen kicking the crap out of customers who had the audacity to complain. These workers must have been tired of hearing it because every single employee, even the cook, came out and pulled the customers into the front of the building and jumped them. They held customers down while they kicked and beat them to a pulp. The customers didn’t stand a chance because the police just couldn’t get there in time enough to save them.

The workers were not ashamed to wear their uniforms proudly as they kicked the ass of folks left to right throughout the evening. The video is a bit hard to watch because the fighting seemingly goes on forever. These employees were not stopping anytime soon, and the customers just didn’t have the energy to run.

One can only ask how the video ends and if the customers ever received their food? Of course, each and every one of the Taco Bell bullies were fired, but we aren’t sure if they were arrested for their actions. Let’s hope they were because we would hate to look up and see them working at another establishment. So, the next time you want to complain about how long it takes to receive your order, just think again.

Go To the Party Only To Find A Boot Up Your Ass

Can you imagine going out to a Mardi Gras party and dressing your best, looking to get drunk and maybe laid, only to end your night with a boot on your car? Sounds like the perfect nightmare, but that’s just what happened to these individuals.

The went out to get their party on and pulled into a parking lot to rest their cars for the night. A man approached all of the partygoers and claimed to be the parking lot attendant. He took their payment, showed them where to park, and told them to have a great night. Hell, he even wore the loud yellow vest to make sure that no one had a problem locating him in the lot.

Well, everything went great until the partygoers came back to their cars late into the night to go home. Oh no! The party had just begun because they were far from going home anytime soon. A boot was waiting for each person who had parked in the lot, unfortunately.

As it turns out, the parking attendant was really just some con man who convinced everyone to give him money to park in a lot that was not open to the public.

In a situation like this, can you really blame the con man, or can you blame the people who trusted him? This video shows the reaction of each person who came to their car only to discover that the “attendant” was gone and a new boot was now present on their car. Getting a boot on your car is a major pain because you must wait for the boot company to come out and remove the lock on your wheel–but only after you pay the $75-$100 in cash first. What a night!

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