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Nightcap for 03/14/2019


“The mysterious is always attractive. People will always follow a vail.” – Bede Jarrett

Chivalry Is Definitely Dead

You may not believe this, but there was a time when men opened the door for women. Not only that, but they also assisted her with putting on her coat, among other things.

Well those days are far gone! Even our president slips up when it comes to being chivalrous.

In this video, Trump can be seen completely ignoring his wife to the point that he walks inside the building and forgets she’s still on the porch. She looks at her female guest and gives the “oh well” shrug of her shoulders and then proceeds inside.

When it comes to male leaders who are being televised, we would all hope that they use that opportunity to show young males what it means to be a respectable, honorable, and chivalrous man. This is the chance to share a lesson on treating women with gratitude and showing the world that’s watching that you have class and grace.

You want to feel a sense of sadness for the first lady, but you can’t help but laugh out of shame and shock.

Watch the video and then decide for yourself if Trump just got excited and went on about his business or if he just has no respect for his wife and that moment proved it. What do you think? Either way, chivalry is definitely dead!

Judge Judy gives it good to Jussie Smollett

Judge Judy is a popular, no-nonsense television judge that became popular for her ability to crush anyone who stands before her in the court of law.

Jussie Smollett is the star of a hit television series called Empire and he’s also the latest character of a very real fraudulent claim stating that strangers attacked him.

When you put the two together, you get a whirlwind of humor that you just didn’t expect! In this video, someone imposed the interview Smollett had prior to his being convicted with another show that had Judge Judy presiding over a separate case.

The video makes it seem as if Smollett is facing the in-your-face judge and let’s just say, it’s priceless.
Smollett throws on the cream with tears and snot flying everywhere…but who cares?

Not Judge Judy! She laughs in his face and continues to rip him apart.

We all know that the two never met, but the video is put together so perfectly that you would never know that this case didn’t happen.

True, it’s a sad state of affairs when someone like Smollett feels the need to lie in order to gain attention. To make matters worse, he blamed the attack on White individuals, only heightening the already racist divide that this nation is experiencing.

The anger that this lie can produce in someone makes this video perfect because it shows how Smollett got served by a judge who just wasn’t having it. See for yourself how this could have gone if the two were really forced to be face-to-face!

True Confessions with John Mulaney and Pete Davidson

John Mulaney, Pete Davidson and Jimmy play a game where they take turns confessing a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth.

Watch here