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Nightcap for 03/18/2019


“I want people to see what’s inside my head rather than just looking at me.” – FKA twigs

Luck Or Hard Work?

We all look at the rich and famous with envy and admiration. How did they get there? Was it a lucky break or just hard work? Well, one actress is willing to share her story.

Maisie is an actress, an entrepreneur, and an activist. Yet to this day, she has no formal qualifications to her name.

She explains how her career has been built upon a symphony of seemingly normal opportunities that evolved into extraordinary, life-changing events. Maisie tells the story of working on what ended up becoming the biggest television show of all time from the age of 12.

She also discusses why she thinks right now is the perfect time to build tools for communities and how her platform, daisie, will redefine creative collaboration.

Watch her TEDx Talk here

Did Michael Jackson Do It?!

If you haven’t watched the Michael Jackson documentary on HBO, Leaving Neverland, then you have at least heard about the buzz surrounding it.

I’m not sure I’d recommend it to be quite honest. The whole thing is disturbing no matter what the truth is…

Either Michael Jackson committed horrendous acts on young boys. Or these men are making horrendous accusations about on of Pops greatest idols.

The whole thing is just sad. And whether you are a fan or not it is very clear Jackson was a troubled soul who desperately needed help. It’s not all bad though at least some people are able to find comedy in the whole situation.

Watch what Dave Chappelle had to say here

Bok Bok – SNL

A commercial advertises a chicken restaurant called Bok Bok’s.

Watch the SNL clip here