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Nightcap for 03/24/2019


“Every burden is a blessing.” – Walt Kelly

Used Maxi Pad Debut

We have all had our embarrassing moments in life and when this happens, we rarely forget about it.

Well, imagine being a woman on your period at your birthday party filled with friends and family members. Then imagine your boyfriend lifts you on his shoulders and when he puts you down, your used maxi pad remains stuck on his shoulder! The room goes from cheers to dead disgust and silence.

Would you run away, never to return? Or would you stand firm by your maxi and your man?

We all know that embarrassments are a part of life. We get it. But it is so difficult to get over when others refuse to allow you the opportunity to forget the embarrassment and then move on with your life. Some people treat your shameful moment as if it’s their own personal joke that they have the right to rewind over and over, just to get a new laugh. It’s unfortunate, but true.

Too bad this video is something that anyone watching will cringe with secret laughter. You will feel so good not to be this woman who must look her family, friends, and boyfriend in the eyes later in the day–when she finally comes out of hiding–and pretend that life is back to normal. She will forever be remembered as the person whose dirty pad got stuck on her boyfriends back when he lifted her with pride.

Take a moment to look at this video and see just how lucky you are not to be someone who must endure the pain and embarrassment of this very moment. Then, try to see if you can avoid laughing hysterically.

Disrespect Begets Disrespect

How does it make you feel when you see someone disrespecting the underdog?

Just because someone is weaker than you doesn’t mean you have the right to take advantage of them, disrespect them, or shame them.

In this video, you will see what it means to have instant karma come your way!

Here you have a street worker picking up trash next to a car that has a fool for a driver. The driver is parked and simply continues to throw their trash out onto the street for the worker to pick up–which the worker does without complaining.

This goes on for a good minute or two before a bigger, stronger, faster gentleman approaches the worker, takes all of his trash and then dumps it right back into the car. The person in the car does nothing, but they get the point. If you saw this guy who became the worker’s hero, you’d very well understand why the person in the car chose to remain in the car.

It’s wonderful to see a hero taking up for someone that can’t take up for themselves. There are people out there that will continue to take advantage of those they consider to be weak, which is why we cheer when the bullies of the world get what’s coming to them.

Are you ready to cheer for a real-life situation that has a hero, an underdog, and a villain? Watch this video and see life as it imitates art. Believe us when we tell you that nothing is better than seeing a hero do his thing!

Adults React To Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a young musician with a signature style both in her music and in her fashion.

Watch these adults react to the rising star.