Honesty Is The Best Policy

The Nightcap

Nightcap for 03/26/2019


“Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure.” – James Altucher

Why Lie About Wearing A Wig?

Comedian Chris Rock once stated during his standup routine that women were the biggest liars.

“Why are you women wearing all of that makeup when your face doesn’t really look like that? Why are you women wearing those high heels when you’re really not that tall? And why are you women wearing padded bras when your breast aren’t that big? You’re all liars!”

We laugh at this because deep down we know it to be true. Take this woman on a game show, for example. When the game show host asks if she’s wearing a wig at that moment, she says no. The funny part is when the cameraman does a close-up to her scalp and reveals braids that are sticking out from the wig. You will laugh so hard, you’ll cry!

We all want to be accepted and considered beautiful…both men and women. It’s normal to want to look your best and be appreciated for the unique beauty that you bring to the table. However, it becomes funny when your desire to be beautiful goes beyond reason, and you think that you can fool people into believing that you have qualities that just don’t exist.

Attempting to be someone that you aren’t will lead you to become the butt of most jokes, especially if you take yourself seriously. Think about a stern businessman who acts as if he is the most powerful, smart, and dynamic man in the world…but he wears a wig that both looks funny and is obvious. Suddenly, he isn’t so dynamic anymore…he’s only funny.

Does this type of man sound familiar? This is one of the main things people tease Trump about, and the jokes just keep coming. Check this video out and see just how funny ‘wannabes’ are when they think they are fooling you into believing they have something they really don’t.

Loose Lips

When you watch the news, you never know what you’re going to see…especially when they decide to interview random folks on the street. In one video, a man was asked his views on drugs and how they hinder a person’s ability to function normally.

Well, this guy must have blanked out on the question because he begins to discuss how he walked in on his wife and best friend while they were having sex and how the positions they held were ‘unnatural’ and probably prompted by drug usage. The news anchors were merely sitting there looking completely dumbfounded. It couldn’t have been any funnier!

The opioid crisis in America is by far no laughing matter. Millions of people are struggling with their addictions daily and they aren’t always able to come out of the dark hole clean and sober.

This isn’t necessarily about the usage of drugs as much as it is about one man’s attempt to attach drug usage to the painful sight of his wife and best friend getting it on!

You sometimes wonder how people can so freely share the pain of their lives with strangers, let alone sharing such information in front of a news crew and while being filmed. Is it that the pain is just too much to hold and it has to be free?

Can’t say that’s the case in this video, because the guy seems almost happy when he shares his story. He really believes that he’s answering the anchor’s question intelligently, and that is what makes this even funnier!

Lupita Nyong’o Has Eyes For Stephen

‘Us’ star Lupita Nyong’o doesn’t like to BE scared, but she likes TO scare. And it’s working.

Watch her interview with Stephan Colbert here