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The Nightcap

Nightcap for 03/29/2019


“Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.” -Joey Adams

Phone Phonics

You see it on the subway, in restaurants, at work and even at your own dinner table – people completely engrossed in their phones.

Understandably, there are times people have really important matters they need to address on their tech devices – things like responding to work emails or coordinating parenting responsibilities or finding out if dear Aunt Ester made it through her bunion surgery. These are perfectly acceptable reasons to be on your phone while surrounded by company.

But most of the time, people are glued to their phone either out of habit, out of boredom, out of lack of concern for their surroundings, or a combination of all three.

It’s probably a combination of all three.

Well, disregarding direct, social interactions in order to play on your phones has become so ingrained in society that it now has a word for it.

Click here to find out what that term is and how to handle people who commonly participate in doing it.

Don’t Upstage The Star

We have all heard about the terrible rants, egos, and needs of some celebrities. We have also heard about how upset some celebrities tend to get when they are upstaged by their supporting actors.

Well, in this instance we see proof that even a workout video can bring out the best and worse in some folks. In fact, here we have a simple video showing simple aerobic techniques that anyone can do…well, that is if you only follow the woman leading the routine.

One of the guys behind her takes her routine to a whole new level when he upstages her every move right on television. She attempts to play it off, but in time gives up and drags his ass right off the stage.

What’s funny is that she doesn’t even give him an opportunity to get out of the pose that he lands before she and another person drags him by his feet. You would hope that they would stop rolling, but we guess that’s not always possible when you’re filming live.

Ready to laugh out loud? Then watch this video and see just how funny celebrities can be when they get fed up about being overshadowed.

Matthew McConaughey & Snoop Dogg on Getting High

Matthew and Snoop talk about their new movie The Beach Bum, working together, how they came up with their characters, Jimmy Buffett, and Matthew reveals how high Snoop got him on set.

Watch here