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Nightcap for 03/31/2019


“Originality is the art of concealing your source.” – Franklin P. Jones

Of Mice and Metabolism

For as long as I can remember, all of the leaders and pioneers in the health, medical, and fitness world would engrain in the rest of us the importance of small, constant meals throughout the day. Supposedly, noshing on healthy snacks every few hours was the key to a healthy metabolism and ideal weight.

With the recent emergence of the Keto diet and the research to support such vastly different claims, it would appear we were going about the whole “dieting” thing wrong. Apparently, putting our bodies into “starvation” mode actually kick-starts your metabolism.

In this recent study out of M.I.T., mice that sustained from food for 24 hours were able to actually regenerate new stem cells that dramatically affected their intestinal and digestive tract.

Here’s exactly what the researchers concluded and why you might want to consider trying it.

Jada Pinkett says take care of YOU first

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we tend to neglect the duty. This is where Jada comes in!

Jada has had a successful run of her round table program where she shares a spot with her mother and daughter as they discuss topics relevant to women. In this video, Jada does an excellent job of explaining to her daughter the importance of taking care of yourself without feeling ashamed about it.

There are many instances where we are made to feel guilty for putting ourselves first, and as a result, we tend to push our own needs aside and place everyone else above ourselves. This is dangerous because we fail to take care of our own health and we ignore our need to complete our own goals prior to assisting others in achieving theirs.

“We have all been told as mother’s that we should place our own needs after that of our children, and that is false,” said Jada during the discussion. She then goes on to explain how a mother can’t truly take care of her children if she’s not well herself. This is a fact that most mothers ignore because they are led to believe that placing themselves first is a form of selfishness. Not so, says Jada. Believing that you are worthy of your own attention is a big deal that should not be ignored.

It isn’t always easy to put ourselves first, especially if we have a family. But finding the balance that will allow you the opportunity to tend to your own needs while tending to the needs of others is something that will end in great rewards for you.

Watch this video and see just how well Jada explains the need for every woman to place her needs above all others.

8 Ways Your Childhood Affects Your Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder about how you turned out the way you are, or why some adults are more uptight than others, while others are fun and delightful? As cliche as it sounds, it all comes back to your childhood. Depending on the households we grew up in, some of us may cringe at the thought while others may look starry-eyed as they grow nostalgic. Before we begin with this video, we want you to remember that it’s never too late to change your future, even if certain past events put you in a stronger likelihood of outcomes.

Here are 8 ways your childhood affects your lifestyle.