Social Media Is Getting Serious

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Nightcap for 04/01/2019


“Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.” – Saint Augustine

Silencing White Power

You’ve probably already heard that Facebook is in the process of banning white supremacist groups and hate speech on its forum. And if you’re a good, kind, empathetic soul, your first reaction would probably be to rejoice.

Ok, rejoice might be a bit over the top. But you probably were at least happy that Facebook publicly declared that they wouldn’t tolerate racism, any longer.

And that’s all well and good, I guess, but it seems like a precarious, slippery-slope. Who determines what hate speech is? What about other fringe groups that bully? Where is the line drawn between freedom of expression and dangerous, hateful speech?

Trust me, there are PLENTY of groups beyond white supremacists that I would love to shut down, but how does that solve anything? Relinquishing certain people’s rights to expression – no matter how vulgar they are – not only adds fumes to the divisive metaphorical fire, but it makes it harder to decipher who the “bad guys” are. It’s almost like putting prisoners in civilian clothing. Harder to spot and easier to forget about their existence.

Read this article, then tell us what you think. Should these groups be banned from social media platforms or not?

Instagram skits are becoming a bit too serious

Instagram has developed many young celebrities who have made a career out of creating funny skits on the social media site, gaining thousands of loyal followers in the process. Most of these individuals have pages that are monetized and, as a result, the young comedians take their jobs very seriously.

Well, this being the case, one can only imagine the humor created when one person decided to make fun of just how serious the filming of those skits can be.

In this video, one popular comedian on Instagram decided to reenact a scenario where a woman is interested in building her followers by creating a funny skit.

The comedian acts as the diva director of the skit and continues to lose it every time the woman fails to hit a punch line on time. He then teases her about her ‘measly’ 6,000 followers and then yells at her to do the skit right or get cursed out. Needless to say, the entire skit is hilarious.

Social media has turned most individuals into characters who are only interested in measuring their level of importance by how many ‘likes’ or followers they have on their social media sites. This problem has turned many people into individuals who only care about numbers and not much else.

People will even pay for fake ‘likes’ and fake followers just to present the illusion that they are popular. It’s like a new form of insecurity that only exists online…but somehow it lives strong within the physical realm as it transcends us all. Although that reality is sad, the ability to laugh at this can be the joy that helps us to remain connected to the human aspect of us all.

Check out this video and laugh your way back to the basics.

Lies The Motley Crue Movie Told You

Motley Crue is one of the most notoriously dangerous rock bands in history, so when the trailer for the Netflix movie based on The Dirt memoir proclaimed: “This story is true,” it was easy to expect a brutally honest story. And while the Motley Crue movie is close, it’s not all the way there.

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