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Nightcap for 04/04/2019


“The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.” – Alfred Whitney

Stress Relief

People relieve stress in all sorts of ways.

Some choose to go the healthy route and take on yoga or meditation or jogging. Or they’ll steep a cup of loose-leaf tea, draw a hot bubble bath, and relax with some aromatherapy candles (which, quite frankly, sounds like way too much work for its intended purpose).

Others will manage their stress in more conventional ways like drinking or smoking weed or playing video games or having some one-on-one time with pornhub.

So long as it isn’t self-destructive or hurting anybody, do whatever makes you feel better. Stress is way too heavy a load to carry for too long.

That being said, what’s construed as harmful vs healthy might sometimes be a thin line to walk, as evidenced by this one particular act of de-stressing that is gaining notoriety in some fringe groups.

Think Fast

People will stop at nothing to lose weight. Well, except for actually eating properly and exercising.

The dieting and supplement industry makes billions of dollars a year and that’s just in the United States. From wearing waist trimmers to taking appetite suppressants to crazy crash diets – virtually every American is seeking the holy grail of fat loss.

The most recent fad diet is the Keto system that involves eating cardboard and spurts of prolonged fasting. (In case you were wondering 1) No, you don’t actually eat cardboard and 2) Pausing between your appetizer and your main meal DOESN’T, in fact, qualify as fasting. I asked.)

While going “sans food” for extended intervals may sound like a nightmare to many, this one study found that waiting 24 hours to eat may double your metabolism as well as generate new stem cells.

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kim, Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian

Kim, Kourtney & Khloe talk about visiting Las Vegas as kids, Kim’s baby names, Kourtney’s birthday party rules, Khloe dating basketball players, Kim explaining who she and Kanye are to their kids, Kanye’s Sunday services, Kanye surprising Kim about moving back to Chicago, and they all take a surprise selfie with a member of our audience who is a huge Kardashian fan.

Watch #KimmelinVegas here