Men Who Are In Control

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Nightcap for 04/05/2019


“Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance.” – Oscar Wilde

Whip It Real Good

Men can be the biggest phonies around. Don’t believe me? Just watch how they speak with one another when in a group and then how their conversations change the moment females are within range.

It’s a funny thing to witness because it’s so incredibly obvious that they are attempting to impress their friends, all while impressing the females at the same time. It’s a tough balance that they rarely handle successfully.

In the following video spoof, a group of guys are standing around when one asks another guy in particular how he ‘handles’ his girlfriend. The guys listen with joy as the guy talks tough about his ability to control her without fail.

Just when the guys are super impressed, the girlfriend walks in and suddenly the guy who supposedly controls her becomes a weak, submissive little boy.

It’s funny because it is an exaggeration of what tends to happen when a guy wants to be tough for his friends, yet soft for the woman he loves.

So, is there a way to truly balance this desire within men to impress both genders at the same time? This video shows you exactly what happens when a guy attempts to do both but then loses his footing and falls flat on his face. Women have a great deal of power and this video shows just how that power is used when the female turns out to be the person in control, leaving the guy with his pants down in shame.

Are you ready to laugh at something that rings true within our society? If so, check out this video and see for yourself just how funny men can be when they fail to balance their egos with their heart.

Birth Control for Boys

It’s hard to argue that, by-and-large, men in society have a leg up on women. (And no, that wasn’t a sexual innuendo, although this article just so happens to be about sex.)

In most aspects of life, men experience certain advantages that their female counterparts either never do or have to work extra hard at earning.

However, the one area that women seem to have more power is in the bedroom and not just because men are generally hornier. Women also have the ability to start or stop taking birth control without the consent or knowledge of their partner. And that’s a HUGE power play.

Luckily, science is getting much closer to perfecting a male contraceptive pill so men can take responsibility for their own fertility.

Here’s the scoop.

Test Prep – SNL

A tutoring class (Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Pete Davidson) goes off the rails trying to answer a teacher’s (Sandra Oh) questions.

Watch here