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Nightcap for 04/06/2019


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

Caged animals need love too

When you go to the zoo and see animals locked away in their cages, what do you feel? Probably nothing.

We tend to take our children to the zoo so that they can see the caged animals without even thinking about how our children might feel about the animals who have somehow lost their freedom.

That ends with this video, however. In this video, one parent captured her son as he loses it with logic after seeing caged animals in the zoo for the first time.

The kid in the video is so annoyed by the fact that humans placed the poor animals behind a cage for people to watch that he begins to question his parents. He can’t be more than 5-years-old, yet the line of questions that he throws there way leave them completely baffled.

What do you say when your young son asks questions like “why would humans put animals in a cage when the animals should be free just like them?” He then goes on to question how humans would feel if someone placed them and their children in cages for others to view at their leisure.

These aren’t questions that the parents know how to answer, and it shows in this video. All they can do is listen to his complaints and questions and attempt to appease him in some way. It doesn’t work, however.

The little boy is not satisfied with their attempts to understand his anger and he doesn’t mind saying so. This video truly makes you think about the idea of caging anything that has the ability to feel. It’s funny that it takes a 5-year-old to see what most adults hold a blind eye to, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

Check out this video and watch how a little boy brings light to the darkness of animal cruelty.

Hot And New

Netflix is full of gems.

In fact, one thing we can all agree on as Americans is that Netflix is awesome.

One of the best up and comming stars is comedian Hasan Minhaj.

On his first visit, he teaches Ellen the proper way to pronounce his name and revealed he sometimes uses actor Timothee Chalamet’s name at Starbucks since it seems to be easier.

He also talked about how he hid his comedy career from his dad when he was just starting out, and told Ellen about his popular Netflix show, “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.”

Watch the interview here

Cheques – SNL

A commercial advertises the benefits of using cheques.

Watch here