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Nightcap for 04/08/2019


“Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” – Phyllis Diller

What A Song

Racism, bigotry, and prejudice are all very powerful things that exist within this world. They are evil, they hurt people, and they are an extension of ignorance and hate.

With that said, a young singing group decided to really make the racist people of the world understand the power in hate by creating a music video that describes what a true racist looks like. The topic alone would lead anyone to believe that the video would be serious and heavy, in some way. This isn’t the case. Somehow these guys found a way to take a very serious issue and make it funny without taking away the truth or reality of either racist actions or the people who hold the title.

This video is actually dedicated to people who fail to see how they are racist in their ideas or actions. The young singers will make you laugh, all while educating you on what it means to be a racist in today’s society.

Don’t worry…when you laugh at this video you won’t feel guilty. If anything, you will feel empowered to know that a subject so heavy can be attacked so skillfully without missing a beat.

Watch the video here

Our Second Moms

In case you didn’t know Oprah is still around giving life advice… Well her and her bestie Gayle.

In fact, each month, they respond to questions from readers, offering their time-tested advice-and revealing fun tidbits about themselves in the process.

January’s topic: Dating, because who wouldn’t want relationship advice from these two?

Watch the video here

Conan Staffers’ Parents Give Tips On Improving The Show

Conan calls staffers’ parents to get tips on how to improve the show.

Watch here