First Comes Marriage

The Nightcap

Nightcap for 04/15/2019


“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” ― Joshua Harris

Nice Try

Nothing could be more nerve-wracking than planning the perfect marriage proposal, and often the burden rests on the guy to make the moment sweet. If you’re an Indian male from Dubai proposing to your new love after just three-months of dating, the end result could be like a strike to the head more than the heart.

An unidentified man is caught on video luring his girlfriend whose body language reveals she senses something big is about to go down. He walks her to a group of musicians who begin to openly serenade her in front a busy mall audience of strangers.

The man takes a microphone and begins to remind her how special the spot in the mall where they met was special and that she’s his everything and her sweety. Mid-way through his love declaration, a train breaks up his speech with one word on each cabin saying, “Not so sweet.” Just as the train passes, he completes his display of love and gets down on one knee to propose. The woman strikes him in the head with a ukulele and storms off.

Even though the marketing company rumored to be behind the promotion of Cadbury claims they weren’t involved in the promotion of their Bourneville chocolates, conspiracy theorists claim the mall wasn’t even in Dubai and that it’s too coincidental that the train interrupting the proposal has Cadbury’s logo on it.

The viral video can be seen here.

What The World Needs Right Now

Who hasn’t felt the pain of parenting teens and toddlers? YouTuber, MyLifeSuckers decided to tell what it’s like to raise kids these days to the tune of Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic as a parody.

Dressed in the latest hip hop fashion that looks like she raided Bruno’s closet the night before, the video shows a single mom singer surrounded by her clan of mommy pals dealing with sibling rivalry, and lecturing kids to clean up their rooms, all while poking fun at moms and their love of granny panties.

The parody, which has hit more than 250K views on Youtube can be seen here is meant to raise money for local schools with the proceeds earned from views. The video, now turned viral can be seen here.

Speed Singing with Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning and Jimmy take turns lip-syncing to sped-up pop songs, like Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” and Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” then play the footage back at normal speed to see who can recreate the best music video slo-mo effect.

Watch Here