Fighting Like A Girl

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Nightcap for 04/16/2019


“A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves.” – Ralph W. Sockman

What!? No ketchup?

We have all faced those moments of disappointment when we go through the drive-through of a fast food joint only to discover that they did not place enough ketchup in our bag! The madness! The nerve! But damn…is it worth giving the employee the beat down?

Apparently so, according to this woman who can be seen on video beating the crap out of an employee at McDonald’s. The video shows how a woman simply walks behind the counter and beats the living fries out of two employees…all because they did not give her enough ketchup.

This is the type of thing that makes it really scary to go out in public. There are people who are so distressed in their lives that they make it a point to force everyone else to suffer at their hands. Luckily this woman received jail time for her deeds, but still. When you watch the video, it will make you almost wish that you were the person working behind the counter that day.

Can you imagine a woman attacking you over one ketchup packet? It seems as if some people know who they can mess with, and those they wouldn’t try. Too bad these women had to endure the wrath of this crazy lady, who–by the way–should have gotten crushed over what she had done.

If you are ever in a fast food restaurant, take a moment to say something nice to the employees that work there. They get little pay, little respect, and very little rest. You may say “they chose that job so deal with it,” but that will only make you almost as bad as the woman who felt privileged enough to put her hands on them over something really dumb.

Watch it all go down here

Girl Fight!

Men and women clearly handle things very differently in life. This includes how we tend to fight, if and when the duty calls. In this video, two men dressed as women give us a clear display of their version of two women giving it a go in the parking lot!

They aren’t afraid of messing up their hair…they aren’t afraid of messing up their face…but oh my! Why did they act as if women lose all control–and even forget about the beef–when it comes to losing a nail?

Without a doubt, the stereotype for women is that they care a great deal about their nails, so much so, that they forget anything that is occurring around them if they should become “separated from their fake nail” by chance. This could easily offend a woman who feels she is more than her nail and she has a brain to prove it!

For others, this video is merely a funny spoof on how ‘some’ women tend to go overboard when they lose a nail. You would think that any woman that freaks over a broken nail would be to ‘iffy’ to dare fight someone. According to this video, some women have the ability to be both iffy and bold…what a combination, if you ask me.

After you check out this video and laugh yourself silly, let us know what you think!

The Actress – SNL

An actress (Emma Stone) creates her character’s backstory.

Watch the clip here