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Nightcap for 04/17/2019


“Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.” – Benjamin Jowett

Wading Through Tough Times

When it comes to admiring famous people, we mere mortals usually do it through rose-colored lenses. By-and-large, we throw our support at those we find incredibly talented; those that possess a skill-set the average person isn’t lucky enough or worthy enough to have – whether it be sports, stand-up comedy, playing the guitar, or acting.

(Except Kim Kardashian. I have no idea what talent other than making porn helped catapult her into fame, but I bet it had nothing to do what SAT scores. Just a hunch…)

The public only knows famous people mostly as caricatures of their craft, so it can be difficult remembering that each one is a human being behind all that glitz, glamour, camera, and Prada.

For better or for worse, celebrities have the same character flaws and quirky habits the rest of us do. Which is why, when we hear that one of our Super Hero’s uses their position of power for good, it hits you right in the feels.

Kind of like this Budweiser commercial with basketball legend, Dwayne Wade.

I’m not crying, you are!

The Baggage Line Boogie

We’ve all been there – preparing for a much-needed and highly-anticipated vacation and having to play the “Luggage Pack Game” the night before.

If you have a penis, you may not be as acutely familiar with The Luggage Pack Game as virtually all your XX chromosome counterparts are. So, if you don’t know what that is, allow me to explain.

This is a game of strategy, planning, and bluffing. In some ways, it’s really no different than poker. The luggage game involves figuring out what you WANT to bring on vacation, trying to reduce that to what you NEED to bring on vacation, cleverly packing everything up in a way it will still all fit, trying to zip it all closed as you, your significant other, and your dog sit on the bag, then do a vigil prayer ceremony in hopes your luggage doesn’t weigh more than the allocated amount deemed by the airlines.

1/4 of a pound over and it’ll usually cost you $50.

Well, this one woman found a way to cleverly and efficiently surpass The Luggage Pack Game and women everywhere are hailing her a hero.

Here’s what she did.

The View: Jenny McCarthy on Vaccines – SNL

The women of The View (Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Melissa VillaseƱor) welcome Jenny McCarthy (Emma Stone) to the show.

Watch here