Taking A Look At Yourself

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Nightcap for 05/02/2019


“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.” –
Pablo Neruda


With the invention of the cell phone camera came the invention of the selfie. And – while I’m certainly guilty of taking my own here and there when I’m looking particularly cute or out with friends – I think 70% of selfies taken are indicative of a society obsessed with beauty, insecure about their own, and trying to promote a facade that simply isn’t real.

Look, if you want to spend an hour in your bedroom or the gym locker room trying to achieve the perfect angle and lighting for a post-worthy pic on Snapchat or Instagram – that’s on you. It’s your life; spend it the way you want.

But when you include other people into your mission to convey to all your friends how awesome you and your life are via selfies – people like your boyfriend, your server, strangers walk by – you need to cut that shit out. Ain’t nobody else got time for that.

In this funny and pivotal Instagram series, a woman named Stephanie decided to take a bunch of “selfies” of herself at famous, destination landmarks around the world. Only, instead of smiling or doing some cheesy yoga pose or that stupid one showing just your sausage link legs and the ocean behind it – she’s playing dead.

These photos and the concept behind them will make you rethink your own selfie-obsession. Oh, and also laugh.

Friends Without Benefits

Relationships can be hard. Break-ups can be harder.

Staying friends with your ex? That can be damn near impossible.

Obviously, whether you can remain friendly or cordial with your previous S.O. is predicated on a multitude of variables. How bad was the break-up? Did he or she cheat on you? Are you naturally a jealous person? Was your ex certifiably crazy? Do you actually like your ex enough as a person to still be friends with her? Did he pee in your sock drawer or light your shit on fire as revenge ever?

These are some of the things that will determine if you can stay friends with your old boyfriend or girlfriend.

But, according to this survey out of Midwestern University, there are four underlying reasons and personality traits that will actually determine the likelihood of staying friends with an old flame.

To find out what those four things are, click here.

Zac Efron Compares Abs to His Wax Figure

The artists at Madame Tussauds recently made a new wax figure of Zac Efron, and Ellen surprised him by bringing it to the show – where the Hollywood hunk showed off his real abs to see if the wax figure was truly realistic!

Watch here