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Nightcap for 05/08/2019


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent Van Gogh

For A Good Cause

Throughout my childhood and even going into college, most guys I knew participated in No-Shave November (or “Movember” as some people called it).

The annual event started as a symbolic way to recognize and bring awareness to those who suffered from cancer.

However – among my group of immature friends who were more interests in kegs than chemo – Movember was more of an excuse to outdo one another with the most ridiculous mustaches and beards. By the time December rolled around, all my guy friends looked like they were either homeless or pedophiles.

I’m not sure if people still acknowledge or celebrate No Shave November, but if you are in search of a fun way to celebrate a cause, might I suggest Masturbation May?

Yep, that’s an actual thing, according to this article out of Ladbible. I highly doubt details are needed, but if you are curious what the rules are, click here.

Other People’s Baggage

I’m currently writing this article from a computer in the comfort of my home.

However, I could write this, just as easily, from virtually anywhere and from a number of devices. Technology has afforded me the position and ability to do so. Hell, I could probably just tell Alexa what this article is about, and she could just string a bunch of sensical words together for me.

Technology – as a general rule of thumb – is designed to make life easier, and that includes labor and work. On the flip side, advancements in technology also can have a domino effect on unemployment, particularly in the service industry.

Apparently, there is a grass-roots movement to forgo self check-out lanes at places like the grocery store or bank. The idea is to preserve jobs for the sake of the economy and the security of workers.

On its surface, this would appear to be a positive and admirable thing, but according to this article, such a movement is innately flawed and here is why.

Do you agree?

Gaga Strikes Again

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