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Nightcap for May 9th, 2019


“You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.” – Harry S Truman

Politicians in Porn

Our culture is OBSESSED with celebrities and all the things that usually come with being a celebrity – good looks, amazing fashion, a lavish lifestyle, etc. (You know, all those important qualities that really count when it comes to admiring someone.)

Look no further than the inexplicable fame of the Kardashians to provide credence to this testament.

Society is so obsessed with celebrities that even porn stars are paid good money to portray them on screen. I haven’t personally looked into this, but I’m fairly positive that – for every celebrity you can think of – there is at least one, porn star look-alike.

Well, if you so happen to have a fetish for creepy politicians, it turns out that you’re in luck! The porn industry is looking out for your needs, as well.

According to this HuffPost article, a former Maury Show guest has been offered money to appear in a smut film and you won’t believe which politician she’s role-playing.

But I Won’t Do That

Most people spend their entire lives asking questions that they never really get an answer to.

Some of those inquiries might be deep, philosophical questions like “What is the purpose of life?” or “Is there a higher being?” Other questions may be a bit more arbitrary, like “Why is there nothing that rhymes with orange?” or “Why is my ex such a douche-twat?”

If you luck out, you might be able to find an answer that squelches these burning questions. But usually, you’ll never know for sure.

Well, here’s one thing you can cross off that list of unanswered questions that you’ve been DYING to know. Remember that 90’s Meatloaf song “I Would Do Anything For Love… But I Won’t Do That”?

Ever since its release, society has been begging the question: “What’s the one thing you won’t do, Meatloaf?”

Well, here’s your answer.

Jason Momoa And His Pet Python

Here, Jason Momoa talked with Ellen about his sprawling home and the animals on the property – including a bull python that escaped its cage – which he ended up finding six months later! The “Aquaman” star admitted he was nervous being on the show for the first time. He also explained why he shaved off his signature beard and discussed the new initiative he’s leading to move from plastic water bottles to recyclable aluminum.