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Nightcap for 05/10/2019


“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Toilet Time-Out

Let’s talk about poop, shall we?

Yeah… I know, I know. It’s a gross topic that most people don’t want to broach or discuss. However, it’s an activity every human takes part in (whether they want to or not) and it also is an activity that offers uninterrupted relaxation.

Now, when I say pooping is an activity, I’m not just referring to the actual act of bowel movement (as that is just part of the process). The other part is absently perusing Facebook, catching up on texts, reading articles, and watching cat YouTube videos.

If – God forbid – you forgot to bring your cell phone with you to the bathroom, you’ll probably spend 20 minutes reading the back of a shampoo bottle while sitting on the thrown.

In fact, it’s so common to use pooping as a means of quiet “me” time, that this study was conducted to see how much cumulative time a year men spend on the toilet.

And, to be honest, the average time seems rather low.

You Stay Classy, San Diego

The days of Cotillion classes are pretty much over (and if you don’t know what Cotillion even is, that rests my case).

The importance of proper etiquette and social graces are still important in many circles – they’ve just been slightly amended or circumvented due to shifts in cultural interaction.

The days of sit-down family dinners, formal dining, and ballroom dancing are fading into oblivion and, as such, it can be difficult when you ARE in those situations to know how to act. (Like, “What do I do with these forks?” when you’re attending a wedding reception.)

Don’t worry, kids! Romper has your back with these 11, quintessential etiquette practices that every functioning member of society should know.

Is Seth Rogen Really A Stoner?

‘Long Shot’ star Seth Rogen reveals what percentage of the time he’s actually high in his movies.

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