What A Surprise

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“He who angers you conquers you.” –
Elizabeth Kenny

Man confronts cop and it goes terribly wrong

There are many people out there who have secret desires that involve going toe-to-toe with a cop who would actually allow them to fight them without penalty. So many guys tell police officers that they should be glad that they have guns because if they didn’t, they would kick their asses. Well, it sounds nice, but what would happen if a cop actually said “ok, let’s go” and then took off your handcuffs? If you ever wanted to know what that looks like, you don’t have to look any further.

In this video, a guy gets snippy with a cop who is about to arrest him for who knows what. The guy is handcuffed and can be heard talking major shit as the cop continues to read the guy his rights. As the cop tries to do his job, all you can hear is the guy being arrested yelling things like, “You’d better be glad I’m handcuffed because I’d kick your ass” and all types of other threats. The cop is finally sick of hearing it and simply takes the guys handcuffs off to give him the battle he had been asking for. When the cuffs are off, and the guy squares up to fight the cop, the police officer begins to do some serious ninja moves that make the guy immediately lose interest in fighting any longer.

Daddy’s Little Girl

When it comes to true love stories, there’s nothing that will bring you to tears like the love of a little girl and her daddy. Maybe some of us feel so strongly because we don’t know our dads… or they don’t love us as they should.

All of that is enough to make anyone shed real tears–but, that’s not the type of tears we’re talking about here. This is about a little girl who hasn’t seen her dad in months when suddenly, he appears out of nowhere…wearing the mask of a beast.

This little girl in the video dressed as a Disney princess and went to a dance studio to share a dance with the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) only to find out, after a few minutes of dancing, that she was dancing with her dad all along. Awwwww. This was so touching because for a moment after her father had taken off the mask, the little girl was still assuming she was looking at the Beast. This isn’t an attempt to be mean. Really. The little girl said it herself when attempting to explain why she didn’t respond immediately after her father revealed himself to her. It didn’t matter, though. The beauty was still there because she hugged him like never before once it registered in her mind that she was indeed looking into the eyes of the man she so loved.

This is a true love story and it reminds us that we are blessed to have people in our lives daily. We have our partners, spouses, friends, and family members who we see every day, yet we fail to tell them how much we love them. We take for granted the presence of our loved ones and forget that they could disappear from our lives at any moment. Love your loved ones like this little girl loves her dad…if you dare.

Watch the whole video here

Kim’s Baby Bombshell

Kris Jenner had the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise as Ellen brought out Kourtney Kardashian, her kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, and Kim’s children, North, Saint, and Chicago. Kim was noticeably absent as Kourtney revealed to her mom that Kim’s surrogate is in labor, and her fourth child is on the way!

Watch the interview here