Drinking And Complaining

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“I’m gaining weight the right way: I’m drinking beer.” – Johnny Damon

Complaining and Brain Chemistry

People are always saying, “There’s a lot to be thankful for” and they are right. While most of us experience setbacks and stressors, for the most part, any negativity in our lives can be counteracted by the good stuff we have going for us.

That being said, nothing can feel better than a good bitch-fit from time-to-time. Whether it be work or personal related, gripping to fellow co-workers and friends not only can feel cathartic – it can actually make you feel a stronger bond with others.

However, being a Negative Nancy can become habitual if you aren’t cognizant of your complaining, and that bad attitude can have a very negative impact on those you surround yourself with.

The next time you go to work or hang out with friends, consider the negative impact that bitching has on yourself and others, and try to actively change your attitude. These people did just that for an entire month and here were the results.

Cheers To That

If your goal in life is to live it as long and healthy as possible, you may want to forgo preconceived tenets of what that entails.

According to a recent study performed by Dr. Claudia Kawas, drinking alcohol and caffeine moderately might be key to seeking the Fountain of Youth.

The study entailed following and recording a group of 1,6000 participants over the age of 90 (likely because they were the ONLY 90+ people available) to uncover what habits and traits they exhibited that might explain both their quantity and quality of life.

The study concluded that those who enjoyed a few taboo behaviors from time to time outlived their well-behaved counterparts.

While there were other qualifiers in the study that were noted as potential attributions for a long and healthy life, the gang at Night Cap are focused on caffeine and booze. You know… the two necessities of life that make the world go round.

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