All In A Day’s Work

The Nightcap


“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.” – Henry David Thoreau

World’s Best Boss

A heartfelt “manifesto” of sorts has created shock waves throughout LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networking platforms for good reasons. The memo really makes you rethink your job, the perimeters of what is expected of you, and the environment your superiors create and foster.

In this post by a Chicago-based CEO named Ian Sohl, the single dad makes some pretty huge proclamations regarding his stance on work and what he expects from his employees.

During a time when it is far too common for bosses to spread employees too thin for subpar wages, Sohl’s letter is a breath of fresh air.

So, the real question is, who’s quitting their job and moving to Chicago with me?

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Coffee and Climate Change

First, climate change took the ice caps. Then it took the bees. Then it took the coral reefs. Now, it’s taking coffee in its wake and I think it’s time we all agreed that enough is enough!

As any medical and health expert knows, the two basic necessities for mankind to survive is coffee and alcohol. And porn.

So, if we keep ignoring the ramifications of climate change, it isn’t just dangerous to nature – it’s dangerous for mankind’s physical and mental health.

You think shooting sprees were rampant before? Just wait til coffee is no longer available for consumption.

In this article, writer Gelo Ladin delves into how climate change is causing the extinction of coffee and how we can do our part to avoid turning this cautionary tale into a horrifying reality.

Full House Lannister

There are said to be at least three “Game of Thrones” spinoff shows in the works. HBO has been very secretive on the subject, but they did release an exclusive first look at one of them which revives a beloved character, giving him new life, and a new TV family.

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