It’s The Journey Not The Destination

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“Unless we remember we cannot understand.” – E. M. Forster

Flying With Excess Luggage

I’m not exactly a drug “connoisseur” shall we say. I dabbled here and there, but I never went pro and I certainly never helped smuggle drugs across county lines. Hell, I get nervous trying to smuggle candy into a movie theater.

All that being said, I know enough about cocaine to know that it’s a REALLY bad idea to swallow a bunch of bags of it in order to sneak it across border lines.

Swallowing one bag seems precarious. Swallowing ten bags sounds dangerous as shit. Swallowing 246 bags sounds like a death wish (which apparently it is because the middle-aged Japanese man that attempted to do just that on a flight from Colombia to Japan died in transit).

To be fair, the authorities did emphasize that it was “packets” of cocaine that he swallowed which may be smaller. However, swallowing 246 packets of anything does not make you Heisenberg -It makes you a freak’in idiot.

Here’s the scoop.

Laws of The Road

There aren’t very many things in life that can ruin your spirit or mood, quite like bad traffic. Ok, maybe watching a Tyler Perry movie is a close second, but seriously – dealing with traffic just erodes at your soul and sanity, especially when you are exposed to it daily.

What makes traffic exponentially more frustrating is when you can’t see far enough ahead to know what’s causing it. Then, eventually, everyone around you starts to get impatient and blares their horns or tries to find a short cut by weaseling their way ahead. It’s almost like their time is more precious than yours.

It’s easy to want to cut someone off who seems to have cut the traffic line, but often, doing so actually impedes traffic flow Eve more. It sounds counterintuitive, but cars on the outer lanes that drive up to the front where merging takes place are in the right. (I know, I know. It doesn’t FEEL right).

But it’s the most efficient way to keep traffic moving and this article perfectly explains why.

Kids Tell Us One Thing They’ve Learned This Year

To honor teachers on National Teacher Appreciation Day we took a field trip to our local farmers market where we asked kids to share one thing they’ve learned this year.

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