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“Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic.” – Norman Cousins

Turning Juice Into Wine

Ladies… this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill.

A company called High Key (that clearly knows what moms need in life) invented pouched wine boxes that essentially look just like Capri Suns… but with alcohol. Now, we just need Ryan Reynolds to serve them to us and all of our prayers have been answered!

You can throw these wine pouches in a diaper bag or cooler and take them to the beach, park, pool, play date, teacher-parent conferences, ballet recitals… I dunno. Wherever the hell parents decide they need alcohol to deal with the shit going on around them.

Just don’t mix them up with your kids’ ACTUAL juice boxes cuz CPS frowns on that sort of stuff.

To learn more about what will surely become your new, favorite, party-and-parenting accessory, click here.

Ditch Disposable Drinks

With all the crappy behaviors and actions we humans are capable of… it’s hard to believe there are only “Seven Deadly Sins.” You would think the count would be upward of “seventy.”

Granted, some of those sins appear far worse than others, which is part of the reason it seems like the Christian religion overlooked quite a few bad behaviors when creating their checklist.

For example, the potential outcomes of Greed and Wrath seem far more ominous then Sloth. Sloth hasn’t actually HURT other people, right?

Except it has. Or at least it has hurt our planet in devastating ways. The human need for convenience (coupled with our propensity toward laziness) has created widespread pollution, deforestation, landfill waste, and the endangerment of a multitude of species.

Simply put: our aptitude toward sloth-like behavior is actually A BIG DEAL and drinking out of disposable water bottles is a prime example of that (as this article woefully points out).

Shailene Woodley Plays ‘Woodley Have Done It?’

“Big Little Lies” star Shailene Woodley has done some adventurous and unique things in her life, so Ellen attempted to separate the real from the fake scenarios in a game of “Woodley Have Done It?”

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