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Love alone could waken love.
Pearl S. Buck

Dancing for the Deceased

People are very particular about how they want their funerals to go down, which is kinda weird, seeing as they won’t even be there for it. At least, not in a metaphysical way.

For me, I could care less what you do with my body after I die. Taxidermy that shit and use my hands and legs as a coat rack. Shoot me in a canon out to space. Donate my body to science research. I could care less. All I care about is that everyone at my funeral will be drinking heavily and regaling in all the crazy antics I got myself into while on this earth.

That being said, I still draw a line and that line would be having a strip show at my funeral. Not that I have anything against strippers. I just A) don’t want hot chicks stealing my thunder and B) think it’s pretty creepy to dry hump a dead person.

Which is apparently an ACTUAL PROBLEM IN CHINA. Hiring strippers to lift the morale at funerals is an actual thing Chinese people do and officials are now trying to crack down on it (probably because there were too many unassuming guests getting heart attacks.)

Here’s the full story.


Crazy Enough To Work

Every day, you hear of some risky challenge or trend or drug that someone is trying, and the natural reaction is usually, “Who the hell was the first person crazy enough to think THAT was a good idea?”

But if you think about it, virtually everything we use, do, eat, or rely on had to be tried out by one, brave person. Like, you know the first person ever to ride a horse or try skiing probably was declared psychologically unstable by most.

However, most brilliant inventions started out as crazy ideas that nobody believed would work. And now, they are so ingrained in our culture, we don’t know how we survived before their existence.

Here are 6 examples of inventions that were declared blasphemous at the time that have become everyday staples or society.

The Five Worst Tattoos in the NBA

On our primetime NBA Game Night #1 special, Jimmy talks about the match-up between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors, Drake being the Raptors #1 super fan, and the fact that many NBA players have tattoos. Getting tattoos has been the thing to do for quite some time now, and while some of them are impressive, others are not. Jimmy takes a closer look at players present and past for the five worst NBA tattoos ever.

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