Showing Off Your Skillz

The Nightcap


“A leader is someone knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
-John C. Maxwell

More Than Sports

Did you know how to change a tire or file taxes at 18?

Probably not unless you had to. Luckily, the boys at Athens High School have head coach Cody Gross.”Manly Mondays” is when he gives the boys an opportunity to learn valuable life skills.

This coach is a role model who wants to make sure his team is not only ready for their next game but for life after sports.

Here’s some footage of Coach Gross doing what he does best!

Love Knows No Bounds

Cat owners, what heights would you go for your pet?

Would you risk your life to save theirs?

In this video a cat owner fearlessly walks along the 6th story ledge of an apartment building to retrieve his cat.

We commence the bravery but can’t say we would have the guts to do it ourselves.

Don’t try this at home!

Dance Off

Losing a dance off sucks. Imagine losing one to an alpaca! I mean who would be ready for the dance moves of an alpaca?

Probably not many.

Watch it all go down here