A New Generation Of Raving And Tripping

The Nightcap


“Nobody understands anyone 18, including those who are 18.” – Jim Bishop

Raving Right

The first time I heard someone say “EDM”, I was confused. I had never heard this term before. When the person who had introduced me to this word proceeded to play me the music classified as EDM, I was even more confused.

You see, I was very familiar with the beats that were blaring from the depths of his shitty speakers. I had been listening to jungle, drum and bass, breakbeats, house, and trance since my early 20’s. But this … this wasn’t the same.

Admitting that I used to be into the rave scene in my youthful days is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I’m proud to have earned my stripes and proclaim part of a very underground community that bonded over a love for techno and what the scene represented.

On the other hand, I think about all the horrible Hot Topics clothing and Claire’s jewelry and drug use and I kind of want to forget I was ever part of the rave scene at all.

Regardless, it happened. And it was fun while it was happening and this generation will never fully grasp just how awesome it was (kind of like we will never fully grasp how awesome the original Woodstock was for our parents).

Here is why raving in the ’90s was so much better than raving nowadays and why you should probably just find a new scene, altogether.

Tripping Therapy

There are certain trends in the history of humankind that probably will never make a comeback – for example, the horse-and-buggy will probably never be a “thing” again.

Then there are certain, historical trends that do make a comeback but probably shouldn’t have (yes, I’m looking at you high-waist pants).

Finally, there are things from our past that we never in a million years thought would resurface. Yet here we are, in 2019, having researchers tell us that hallucinate drugs might actually be therapeutic.

Yes, that’s right. New research suggests drugs like LSD and MDMA may help re-circuit neuron pathways in the brain to alleviate a variety of mental disorders.

That’s not to suggest you should start seasoning your pizza with shrooms in hopes of beating depression. But it IS to suggest that this classification of drugs could potentially be used for therapy in the near future.

Here’s the low-down on the high-up.

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