Dogs Do The Darndest Things

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“A psychiatrist asks a lot of expensive questions your wife asks for nothing.” – Joey Adams

Man’s Best Friend

If you live alone and are in need of a companion, don’t go running to the local bar! You want a companion that you can trust, love, and play a healthy game of Jenga with, right? Of course! Well, that’s exactly what this woman has in her life with her big pooch.

In this video, a woman taught her dog how to play Jenga with her–obviously, this was her favorite game–and the dog is now so great at it that he beats her every time.
If you are new to the game of Jenga, it involves several wood pieces stacked on top of each other that each player takes turns removing the pieces one at a time.

Of course, the stack eventually falls when one person gets a piece that destabilizes the entire stack, itself. Well, the dog in this video is so great at the game that he doesn’t even flinch when he takes a wood piece that almost makes the entire stack fall over. It’s a beautiful thing to watch because it shows the love that the owner has for her dog.

The dog gets celebrated by his owner every time he takes a piece from the stack successfully.

It will make you want a dog as a companion, even if you are a cat person. Seriously.

Dog almost gets arrested for public humping

So, a woman sees the dog of a stranger humping her dog while they were in a dog park and all hell breaks loose.

This sounds like the beginning of a joke, but unfortunately, it’s not. This really occurred and the woman really did call the cops to complain that the guy’s dog had the nerve to hump, or as she puts it “assault” her dog, in a public place.

The guy in the video can be heard trying to explain to the woman that dry humping is something that all dogs do, not just his. She wasn’t having it, and neither was her friend who just happened to be in the park with her.

She wanted the police to arrest the dog for assault and she wasn’t kidding around. This would be really funny if it were a joke…but somehow, it being reality makes it truly sad.

This video is a perfect example of where we are in society, today. We are living during an era where people claim to be tolerant and they talk until they are blue in the face about hate speech. Yet these same people will call the police the moment they encounter someone different from themselves who has the nerve to share the same air and space.

Real Love

Some men prove their love by going the distance emotionally with a partner who is facing a difficult time. This 99-year old man shows his adoration and faith commitment to his wife, no matter what his age or physical challenges by walking to see his wife, who is critically ill and in the hospital. The touching video proving true love exists and chivalry is not dead can be found here.