Love Knows No Bounds

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“Choose your love, Love your choice.” –
Thomas S. Monson

There’s Nothing like the Connection of a Father and Son

We often celebrate the union of a mother and daughter, but we rarely do so for a father and his son. There is truly nothing more beautiful than watching a father teach his son what it means to be honest, loving, moral, and respectable in this life. Having a strong relationship is vital to opening the door to conversations that include what it means to be your best self.

In this video, we see a father on the couch watching television with his 7 or 8-month-old son, and they are both talking to one another as if they completely understand each other. To anyone watching the video, the young child sounds as if he is merely talking cute babble.

This is probably what he sounds like to the father, as well. However, the father continues to respond to his son, only to see that his son does the same. It’s something to see.

In a society where the media continues to show men at a disconnect, it is refreshing to see a father take the time to sit with his young son and build a relationship. It doesn’t matter that the father can’t understand what his son is saying because the important thing is the time he is spending. Spending time with his son shows that he loves his son, and his son will soon understand this when it comes time to bond with his father on another level.

Soul Mates

Both men and women dream of that moment when they meet their life partner and soulmate. This guy decides that he wants to get it right by making his future bride-to-be plan her own proposal at the hotel where she works.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

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