My Little Politically Correct Pony

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“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” –
Marshall McLuhan

My Little Politically Correct Pony

If you haven’t heard yet, My Little Pony has introduced a gay couple to the gang.

Ok, let me back up a few steps.

If you haven’t heard yet, the tv-animated series, My Little Pony, is still in existence. More surprising, the entire herd of colorful rainbow, sparkly ponies that prance around all day weren’t ALREADY gay as shit, to begin with.

Mind you, I haven’t watched the show in decades and I also totally support the gay community, but I don’t remember My Little Ponies ever addressing topics like relationships, love, companionship, and sex. So, I don’t really know how throwing a gay couple in the mix will make that much sense. But hey, if it offers comfort and strength to impressionable minds, I applaud the efforts.

Here are the details.

It’s A Family Tradition

Every family has its own set of quirks that are relatively benign or completely crazy, depending on who you ask.

Growing up, my dad was adamantly against television-watching. He would literally haul our old-school TV set to the garage and only take it out on special occasions.

When he would go on business trips, my mom would have us kids pile into her old Buick station wagon, and we would DRIVE the humongous tv BACK to the house and watch tv to our little heart’s content until dad was scheduled to return home.

Rinse and repeat.

In retrospect, it was a weird, power tug-of-war between my parents and COMPLETELY unhealthy. But, as a kid, it just kind of seemed exciting and totally normal.

Here, 42 people share family traditions they thought were normal until they left home.

Amy Poehler Attempts an Impression of Natasha Lyonne

Solid C+ for the effort put into the making of this impression. Bravo, ladies.

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