Bad Tattoos And Shady Behavior

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“Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and yesterday’s concepts.” – Marshall McLuhan

Shady Behavior

You know what’s hard? Being poor.

You know what’s harder? Being poor, an asshole, and stingy on top of it. Look, we all have done some stuff in life to get by or to cut corners; stuff we’re not proud of.

For example, I hoard Splenda packets at coffee shops and delis because that shit’s expensive and I feel like paying $3.50 for coffee plus a tip warrants pocketing extra Splenda. It probably doesn’t, but it’s how I justify my shady behavior and how I sleep at night… on my pile of sugar packets.

In my defense, at least I’m not the type of person to order lemons and water at a restaurant to avoid paying for lemonade. I do have SOME standard of ethics and pride.

Not these people. Introducing some of the world’s stingiest people and the acts they did to warrant such a title.

Not-To-Do Tattoos

There are a multitude of reasons people are inspired to get tattoos. Sometimes it’s because a certain style or form is trendy. Other times, it’s to honor a loved one. And other times, it’s spurred by alcohol and your frat buddies egging you on.

As someone who can honestly say I’ve never had a tat nor do I have any desire to ever get one – none of these reasons seem to warrant having something etched in my skin for life.

However, I think deciding to get tattoos is a personal decision and shouldn’t be judged — unless it’s a butterfly tramp-stamp. Then, I’m sorry. Your “cliche” is seeping through, along with your bleach blonde hombre tips.

If people are sick of SEEING bad and unoriginal tattoos, imagine the poor people that have to actually DO them.

Here, tattoo artists dish on the 19 tats they hate doing the most and why you might want to reconsider that tribal a band.

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