Karma And Sleep Deprivation

The Nightcap


“They do not love that do not show their love.” – William Shakespeare

Learning The Hard Way

Having a reputation as being vindictive and merciless is no bueno. Having a reputation as being THE biggest bitch would straight up be hell. I’m not sure exactly what that Karma girl did to earn such a nefarious reputation, but it can’t be fun having people walking around, referring to you as a b***h constantly.

In reality, Karma isn’t a bitch at all. She actually levels out the playing field, rights many wrongs, and encourages people to think twice about their actions.

Here are 40 examples of people that learned just how retaliatory Karma can be.

Feeling Sleep Deprived

“I’m so tired” is probably one of the top things you hear people complain about daily. Well, other than things like “traffic was so bad this morning,” “it’s so hot outside” and “my scrotum is really sweaty.”

Part of the reason we’re all so tired is that we live in a world that encourages being “on” at every second. Couple that with sleeping and health issues and constant stressors, and it’s really no wonder half your office complains about lethargy.

We all know sleep is crucial to mental and physical development and performance, but some studies show that lack of sleep can go so far as to “eat your brain.” Yes. Literally.

Learn exactly what happens to your neuro-system when you get a lack of Zzzz’s… cuz you decided to binge watch Sneaky Pete all night.

English, Scottish and Irish Slang

In this episode of “Slang School,” Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender teach you English, Scottish, and Irish slang.

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