Your Personal Sense Of Reality

The Nightcap


“When I told my doctor I couldn’t afford an operation, he offered to touch-up my X-rays.” –
Henny Youngman

It’s All In The Details

At any given moment, we are inundated with visual and auditory stimulation that continually regulates our mood throughout the day.

Most of us are largely aware of how our environment is influencing or affecting the way we feel. For example, if a great song from our past comes on the car radio, your mood might elevate to nostalgic happiness.

Conversely, if you, say, work in a casino or bar, you might get bouts of depression from the lack of light and fresh air. But these are all cause-and-affects you would probably be highly aware of.

However, there are a multitude of subtle environmental influences that play a role in our day-to-day mood and general outlook.

Here are 25 of them and what you can do to manipulate them to your benefit.

Not-So-Great Expectations

Are you depressed? Sad? Anxious? Have trouble sleeping? Have experienced side effects associated with trouble concentrating, focusing, or getting tasks done?

If so, then ask your doctor if you are suffering from a disease called “seeing the world in a realistic way.” And no, there’s no medicine or cure for it.

According to this article out of Vice, depression doesn’t stem from weakness or an inability to want to get better (as past, antiquated beliefs surrounding the mental disease have suggested). Quite the opposite, those who suffer from depression might actually have a better grasp and understanding of the world than their happy counterparts.

Which is… a very depressing reality.

The Greatest Movie Plot Twists Of All Time

Maybe that mild-mannered dude in the corner was really the big bad guy. Perhaps the hero was dead the whole time. Or maybe everything we’ve seen is somebody’s hallucination. Whatever the reveal, these memorable movie moments caught us off guard and left us talking for years to come.

Watch here *Spoilers ahead.