Some Mistakes Turn Out Better Than Others

The Nightcap


“The heart that has truly loved never forgets, But as truly loves on to the close.” – Thomas Moore

Drag Race in Space

Flying can be a nightmare. Even if you love being miles off the ground on a plane, the amount of hurdles and inconveniences you have to deal with from the moment you walk into an airport makes most people want to forgo travel altogether.

From the crowds to the pushy employees to the cramped spacing to the up-charges for pretty much everything – flying any airlines can be a massive headache.

Unless you happen to be lucky enough to accidentally book the wrong flight like this family of four did. Instead of enduring no leg room and overpriced drinks, the Brady Bunch was instead greeted with drag queens and lap dances.

Here’s the full hysterical story in all of its amazing glory.

Forgiving and Forgetting

We all have one or ten cheesy “life quotes” that we either keep as screen savers on our phones or have sticky-noted on the side of our computer monitors or have as covers on our Facebook profiles.

Sure, those inspirational memes may come across as corny, but some of them are legit and if they help you get through the hard patches in life, who cares?

For me, that quote is “Instead of asking ‘Why is this happening?’, ask yourself, ‘What lesson has this to taught me?’ and that little flip will change the way you both look at and handle life’s obstacles.

To be honest, I’ve had to use it several times in my own life, and it HAS helped exponentially. More pointedly, it’s kept me from playing the victim and forced me to gain autonomy and acceptance over my own actions.

The point is: we all make mistakes, and often hindsight is 20/20. But beating yourself up over accidents or bad decisions isn’t exactly the most productive way of handling life’s hiccups.

In this article, author Tim Herrera explains how to come to piece with mistakes you’ve made and how it probably isn’t the end of the world – no matter how much you think it may be.

I Sang The Song “Friday”

Rebecca Black shares all the details of how one massive internet moment changed her life.

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