What’s Happened To Us?

The Nightcap


“Flowers grow out of dark moments.” –
Corita Kent

Technology and Tears

Commercials have become such an annoyance that pretty much the only time they are ever actively watched is during the Super Bowl. And even then, the level of quality has really diminished.

With programs like Prime TV, Hulu, and Netflix, the sparsity of commercials has made it an elevated inconvenience when you DO have to sit through the occasional one. And it would appear that advertisers know the lack of leverage they have cuz they’ve have all but given up.

Commercials have become that old wife of your’s that stopped wearing makeup, flaunts pajamas with holes in them, and screws you once a year for your birthday while half passed-out.

Which is why it’s super cool when you come across rare commercials like this one that are both creative and gets you right in the feels.

Working 9-5… And More

I have a client that works for a large distribution company that answers my emails at all hours. It could be 11 pm on a Friday night or Sunday morning at 2 am.

I recently joked with him that they better be paying him the big bucks for him to be up at such crazy off-hours, taking care of business. He laughed and made some off-hand comment that those were the hours he was the most productive. Which admittedly is probably true… but does that make it right or healthy?

In America, where hard work is so revered and engrained in our culture that taking any time off seems sacrilegious, one has to wonder how good this methodology or mentality is for long-term productivity and happiness.

In this Op piece out of WSJ, the author begs the question, “When Did Sunday Night Become the New Monday Morning?”

Taylor Tomlinson Has Gotten A Lot Of Bad Relationship Advice

A couple recently told Taylor that the key to a good relationship is taking separate vacations.

Watch the interview here