Why It’s Important To Be There For Others

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“This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes.” – Hannah Arendt

TED Talks Childhood Trauma

Possibly one of the most reassuring (and equally the most disturbing) things that we learn as we grow up is that everybody has it rough in some form or another.

That perfect little family down the street with the white picket fence whose kids all go to private school? Yeah, they probably aren’t nearly as perfect as they seem on the outside. At the very least, they probably practice voodoo and the dad is banging the babysitter.

Of course, just because some kids don’t have the idyllic upbringing doesn’t mean it’s awful or damaging or abusive. But, that certainly is the case with some kids and the long-term effects of such exposure is so severe, it can actually have alarming consequences on who we become as adults.

In this TED talk, Nadine Burke Harris discusses just how influential childhood trauma is on the developing brain and how to handle it.

Checking Up and Checking In

“You good?”

Two simple words, but one short sentiment that could have powerful and meaningful consequences on the life of another.

It’s not easy keeping tally of everyone, particularly when you have your own family and shit to handle. But just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s not crucial that we do it.

The thing is – we all know at least one person who is struggling. We all know one person who is coping with depression, loss, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, a breakup, addiction, or a severe health issues. Hell, maybe YOU ARE that person.

Whatever the case may be, checking in with them from time to time is not only thoughtful; it can literally save lives.

And because we don’t always know which one of our friends is battling something (as this Vice opinion piece states), it’s pretty necessary to check up on ALL your loved ones from time to time.

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