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“I have tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and I have succeeded fairly well.” –
Robert Benchley

Parks and Recs – Asian Style

Aside from having an all-star cast that is every comedian’s wet dream, the show Parks and Recs is THE BEST because of its hysterical material and lovable characters.

From the quirky and clumsy, Leslie Knope, to brooding, emo-teen, April Ludgate, all the way to salesman-sleazy, Tom Haverford – this team of misfits are some of the best-written characters in sitcom history.

But none of the aforementioned characters come close to the infamous Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman). A hardcore libertarian with a penchant for war memorabilia, sarcasm, and bitching about his job, Ron Swanson is by far the funniest character on the show and also has the best lines.

In this hysterical yet heartwarming article out of Distractify, a son makes a case for why HIS dad is the Asian version of Ron Swanson. And he’s not wrong.

The Awkward Phase

Growing up, we had a childhood friend that seemingly (and completely unknowingly) had a metaphoric scarlet letter embossed on his forehead. This kid had THE WORST of luck and, as a result, was a hot mess (albeit, a very sweet and good-natured hot mess.)

He was poor and his parents were meth heads and he was always breaking bones or losing stuff or smelled bad because he hadn’t showered in days. He also had ADHD and got bad grades in school as a result.

In other words, he was the Walmart of human beings. In fact, I’m pretty sure he ended up working AT Walmart in high school.

Just like this kid, Walmart just seems to attract the weirdest of society and is always in the news for something outlandish happening there.

Like this one Walmart shopper who thought she’d empty her bladder on the potato produce bin… probably because it hurt her hoo-ha too much to pee on the pineapples.

The Best Way To Sleep

Is sleeping position that important? Would we be better off without a pillow? The science addressing these questions is lacking, but we can still make some conclusions based on the research.

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