Bad Decisions All Around

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“I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.” – Jack Benny

Robbing The Rich

It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us know and understand that stealing is wrong. It’s just not something you do.

But usually, we think of stealing in the context of a person robbing money from their job or a bank or out of the pocketbook of dear ol’ granny Josephine.

Now, when we consider stealing in a few, very specific circumstances, the validity of the crime becomes convoluted and doesn’t seem quite as bad. For example, stealing food to feed your kids because you are homeless. Or stealing WiFi from your neighbors because they suck. These actions can easily be rationalized.

So, when this young man stole over $122 million from Facebook and Google with fraudulent service bills – even though it was clearly wrong – it was also kind of badass. You know, in that Robin Hood vigilante kind of way.

Here’s the story.

Uber Def-EATS

Unless you live in an over-populated city where just THINKING about dealing with the traffic gives you road rage, then being a delivery driver probably wouldn’t be that bad.

This is particularly true if you work for Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Delivery Dudes, or any number of food delivery services now readily available.

Think about it: your job description is to just drive around, listen to music, and be around food. Throw a hooker in that mix, and what more could a guy ask for?

Or, things could go south and you could end up being like this guy and lose your job on the first day.

Why You Don’t Need to Be Exceptional

Many of us walk the earth with a feeling that, in order to acceptable, we need to be something very special indeed. It could sound like ambition, but it’s closer to neurosis – and a source of constant and unnecessary pain. Here are some tips to unwind the affliction.