Food and Mental Health

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“A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.” – W. C. Fields

Anxiety and Malnutrition

Anxiety and panic attacks are the worst. Ok, maybe being married to Mitch McConnell would be the worst, but being the spouse of that space turtle probably would bring about quite a few panic attacks, so I suppose they are probably one and the same.

If you have PTSD and fireworks trigger your anxiety, then at least you know the source and can take measures to prevent anxiousness.

But many people don’t know what causes their episodes which can not only be frustrating – it can be incredibly difficult to alleviate or diminish.

Well, this one study out of Japan suggests that anxiety attacks can be the result of vitamin deficiencies. Here’s what you need to know.

Mushrooms For Mental Illness

Depression and anxiety are huge mental health crisis in America and with the growing rates of suicide and prescribed medication, it doesn’t seem like that toll is going down anytime soon.

Many are concerned that our knee-jerk reaction to turn to Big Pharma when mental illness arises can be detrimental. After all, while Xanax may work wonders for short-term anxiety, it’s a very addictive drug for long-term use and can actually heighten anxiety.

But new research suggests that the answer may be found in shrooms. Yes, the same shrooms picked out of manure in cow fields that your friends probably tripped on at high school parties or concerts back in the day.

Here’s the science on how mushrooms can reset your brain chemistry, making you less privy to depression and anxiety.

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