These Folks Have The Right Idea

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“There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.” – Ayn Rand

Boozy Bouncy Houses

Move over, bouncy castles and ball pits. There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s specifically made for adults because… why do kids get to have all the fun?

Now, I realize a lot of people get weirded out being in one of those blow-up, bouncy castles with the slides and mazes and stuff. And I get it. They can be claustrophobic and the chance of there being little kid pee at every corner is fairly high.

Which is why it’s so cool that this company out of Boston invented a bouncy IRISH PUB!!!! No, this is not a drill, folks. This is real life.

You can actually rent out an inflatable pub that seats about 80 and comes with its very own servers and bartenders.

… sans kid pee, I presume.

Learn more here

Reading Rebels

Remember that loser in school that always had his or her head in a book? Maybe she sat alone in the school cafeteria, attention immersed in whatever storyline and characters were developing between the pages in front of her? Or maybe it was that dorky guy who avoided football or soccer practice, choosing to hide behind the bleachers with his science books in hand.

Well, if you were to cross paths with them now, there is a good chance that they are well-rounded, outgoing people who are incredibly empathetic and kind to their fellow man.

Why? Because, according to this recent publication, those who read a lot – particularly fiction – tend to be much more in tune with the feelings of others. They also are more accepting and open to people’s differences than their TV-watching counterparts.

Here’s the scoop on why it’s favorable to be a book worm.

Simone Biles’ Historic Double Double Dismount

See every angle of Simone Biles’ incredible double double beam dismount and triple twisting double tuck from the US National Championships, right here.