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“Choose a wife rather by your ear than your eye.” – Thomas Fuller

Sniping Away Your Manhood

Ensuring a guy’s “manhood” remains intact is generally one of the most important and valued things for them.

In fact, in one of Louis CK’s stand-up routines he talks about how you can cut off a man’s arms and throw them in the river — but so long as you let him keep a sense of who he is as a MAN, that’s all he really needs.

The problem is that different men have different ideas of what exactly it means to “be a real man.” Some of them make sense, some of them can be dangerous, and a lot are just idiotic (at least from a female’s perspective).

In this article, Vice discusses how easy and safe getting a vasectomy is, yet most males that don’t want to have kids still won’t get the procedure done. Why? You guessed it! It takes away their manhood.

Deal With Denmark

In the last year, I had to stop watching or following the news. Literally, my TV is never on any news stations and I avoid many of the articles I see circulating my Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Why? It’s not because I don’t care because I most certainly do. In fact, the problem is that I care TOO much.

With regards to American politics, the last few years have been kind of a bummer (that’s the nicest way I can put it). Every time I listened to the news, it made me irate, so I had to make the tough decision to stop following it completely. It was like being around a Debbie Downer 24/7 that just brings out the worst in you.

However, when hysterical, satirical articles regarding current events like this one come around, I like to indulge. After all, humor makes everything better. At least, momentarily.

Protect our Police

It’s hard to talk about police officers without the conversation turning political dramatically quickly. Look, I get it. On one hand, cops put their lives out on the line to protect society’s men, women, and kids. On the other hand, many people have been unjustly treated at the hands of the law.

So, let’s just all agree that (as with every position of power) there are some good seeds and bad seeds.

Politics aside, what the one anonymous donor did for the Denver Police Department is bound to melt anyone’s heart.

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