This Is Why We Love Animals

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“Love demands infinitely less than friendship.” – George Jean Nathan

Animals can be such jerks

We all love our dear pets, don’t we? We love how they wait until we get home so that they can shower us with their undying love for us. We even tend to trust our pets more than we trust other humans. This is because pets have the ability to live in the moment. They don’t think about the past and hold grudges like humans tend to do. Instead, pets are forgiving, and they show us every day just how much we mean to them. Until now.

Just like humans, animals have a dark shadowy side to them that allows them to be just as jerkish as some humans. Every now and then, there are moments when our pets prove that they have the ability to be the biggest ass in the universe. They will intentionally put your phone in water, eat your favorite shoe, and a million other things–especially when they are upset with you. Don’t believe us?

We have proof. In this video, you will see almost 30 minutes of different clips that were put together by different people who shared their pets jerk moments. We are so glad that they were able to capture their pets on film because it gave us half an hour of pure laughter and joy. As it turns out, even when pets are being jerks they somehow still have the ability to steal our hearts.

Even baby elephants have temper tantrums

If you thought that the only tantrums that could be had were by two and three-year-old’s, then you are dead wrong. Babies are babies, no matter the species, and when they are not happy they do not mind showing it. Maturity is something that has to be achieved through years of experience–something that a baby or toddler just doesn’t have yet.

An inability to express themselves using their words is something that leads to their acts of falling to the ground and kicking their legs when they can’t get what they want. We know this about children, but now we have proof that this exists within the animal kingdom, as well.

A baby elephant might not have the ability to speak, but they do have the ability to let their mother know when they are not happy about something. Maybe the baby elephant is tired of walking and wants to take a rest, but the mother is persisting that they continue walking. Or, maybe the baby elephant is hungry, but the mother refuses to feed him at the moment. Whatever the reason, those little guys get angry and they aren’t afraid to show it.

In this video, you will see what it looks like when a baby elephant decides that it is not happy and it wants to rebel. Just like humans’, the baby elephant falls to the ground and rolls around, rather than walking with the herd. The funny thing is that the adult elephants completely ignore him and continue walking–just like most humans.

Once the baby sees that his behavior is not getting him the attention he wants, he simply gets up and walks with the others. Maybe we can all learn something from the adult elephants. They simply refused to give the negative behavior of the baby any attention, and in turn, the baby realized that his actions were in vain. If you have a toddler who likes to throw tantrums, you might want to see this. It will give you the guidance that you need to control the situation. Amazing what we can all learn from animals.

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