Going A Bit Too Far…

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“We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours.” – Dag Hammarskjold

Grand-ios Displays of Affection

I didn’t have the fortune of having grandparents that snuck me candy when my parents weren’t looking or bought me really cool stuff on Christmas.

My grandparents were ornery, self-involved, and senile which does not make for a fun combination – particularly for a family vacation when you’re 7. My sister and I would get yelled at for making even the slightest mess and visits mostly involved listening to them complain about the neighbor and his leaf blower.

Now, I’m not saying that to get any sympathy. It’s just that, growing up, I assumed that’s how ALL grandparents were. And then I entered the real world.

Ultimately, grandparents are just people with their own flaws and personality traits, so I recognize even the GOOD grandparents that spoil the hell out of their grandkids have downfalls, too.

That being said, there might be ONE exception to that rule. One little girl’s grandparents went so far as to build their granddaughter a replica of the Harry Potter castle, and I’m pretty sure no grandparent in the history of grandparents will ever be able to top that.

Check it out here.

Nuke Them Hurricanes

Look, I’m no expert when it comes to the weather. In fact, I probably couldn’t even have the job of weatherman on some crappy “news station” where all you have to do is look cute in front of a green screen and wave your hands about.

So, the last place I would ever interject my opinion is on preventing weather crises or staving off natural disasters.

All of this being said, I’m pretty confident that you can’t stop hurricanes or tornadoes by dropping nuclear bombs into them. Hell, I’m pretty confident that my toddler knows better than to do that.

So, it’s pretty mind-boggling when you hear that the sitting President thinks dropping nuclear bombs into the eye of a storm is the best way to stop it.

Here’s the skinny on what went down and the reason such drastic measures are a really bad idea (in case you couldn’t figure that part out on your own).

Ellen Reviews Products Made Just for Women

Ellen noticed that stores have regular products, but they also have lady products – which are the same thing, only pink – and she reviewed a few of them here.