Are Words And Voting Actually Important?

The Nightcap


Solitude vivifies; isolation kills.
Joseph Roux

Your Lips Are Moving

As a writer, I believe in the power behind words. Words are the direct link between our inner, most personal thoughts and feelings and our fellow man.

Words help create love songs, fantasy novels, and informative news articles. They can help us escape or get in touch with our emotions. Words help us learn, convey, grow, teach, and express.

All that being said – and I mean this with all due respect – some of ya’ll need to grow some balls and stop being so heavily affected by what other people say.

You simply will NEVER make it in the real world if you are constantly sheltering yourself and allowing others’ words to continually impact how you feel.

And this man explains it perfectly.

Fast Food Lines and Voting Lines

People talk about the importance of voting all the time. In fact, if you make it known that you DON’T vote, you might as well paint a scarlet letter on your forehead – particularly for this upcoming election that seems to be more heated than ever before.

The problem is (and I don’t mean this in a nasty way, as I have been prone to it myself) people are lazy. This is particularly true when it comes to inconvenient matters like registering to vote or actually showing up to vote.

So, when this young man decided to encourage people to register to vote by pulling this brilliant move, he got results!

Sarah Paulson’s Shakira is 10/10

Sarah Paulson and James McAvoy give us there best impressions and we have to be honest… they nailed it!

Watch here