Upgrading Theater and Marijuana

The Nightcap


“Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.” – Barbara De Angelis

The Underpants

You have to be a fairly strong and comfortable person to admit a propensity for theater.

Not because enjoying broadway plays is actually “gay” or “weird” or “dorky” or any of the number of bad attributes associated with broadway performances.

I think a lot of the “taboo” associated with enjoying theater is that theater lacks many of the state-of-the-art graphics and effects that movies and video games now provide. (Because – apparently – there is a direct correlation between your masculinity and how much noise and lights one likes be inundated with.)

It probably doesn’t help that there is a lot of singing that happens on stage. Most straight guys don’t want people to break out in song halfway in their movie.

But if you want to venture out and check out a play that is about as funny and “un-gay” as you can get, check out this play by Steve Martin called “The Underpants” — which is already gaining great traction in the thespian world.

In the Weeds

It seems like, no matter what personal trainer, health expert, or workout enthusiast you talk with, there is always a discrepancy of opinion regarding how to work out, when to workout, and what your diet should entail.

One person might swear that dairy is like liquid crack, the other could tell you that BPA is the worst thing to happen to mankind since carbs and the Black Plague, another could tell you that Keto is the only way to live or that vaccinations are the cause of the human decline.

Regardless of all these positions, almost all of them would agree that a smoothie full of veggies, fruit, and micronutrients is a great thing to incorporate into your diet.

But what about marijuana leaves?

No, not CBD oil or THC or nugs. We’re talking actual leaves.

According to this one weed grower, he blends the plants’ leaves into smoothies for strength, nutrition, focus, and energy. And swears by it!

What do you think? Totally bogus or worth trying?

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