Living In Exciting Times

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“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.” – Charlotte Whitton

Student Set-Backs

Remember when we were kids? We were always told we could be anything we wanted to be if we just put out minds to it?

There was almost a surefire, exact science to it: get all A’s in academics, do well on your SATs, succeed at a sport and do charity work – all so you can get into a good college. After you work your ass off in college, you’ll get a well-paying job that will set you up for success later on in life.

Now, for some, that’s true. However, it certainly isn’t the case for everybody – even those that played by the book and did exactly what they were told to do. And I’m certainly not suggesting it’s anybody’s fault (per se) that we believed this plan to be bulletproof. Our parents and teachers were just trying to help.

However, many of us entered the market during the housing crash of 2008 and those supposed “jobby jobs that grow on trees” were nowhere to be found. (That’s an Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference if you didn’t get it.)

And now, it’s very real that millennials will face yet another market crash, largely because we’re drowning in student debt.

Here’s what comedian Hasan Minjah has to say about college loans and a cash flow crisis.

Living on The Wild Side

One of the most famous mantras of all time is “live like today were your last” which is theoretically great advice, but strategically a terrible idea.

Why? Because if today really was the last day on earth, most people would be emptying out their bank accounts, doing every drug available, and leaving their family to go skydiving with a hooker.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. But if it didn’t end up being your last day, you would have to deal with the ramifications of your poor decisions and that doesn’t sound like much fun.

However, there’s no real reason you can’t try new and exciting stuff every day (even if it doesn’t involve the chance of you going to prison).

Here are 13 fun and creative ways to spice up your life without actually ruining it.

Bill Skarsgard Teaches Colbert The ‘Pennywise Smile’

The actor behind the evil clown Pennywise in “It: Chapter Two,” Bill Skarsgard, teaches our host how to contort his face into the villain’s trademark grin.

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