What Were They Thinking?

The Nightcap


“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.” – Charlotte Whitton

Dirty Ideas

Currently, we are losing more and more of our oxygen, thanks to the fires that are ravaging the Amazon right now. This is no laughing matter, but one thing is for sure–somehow, the politicians know just how to make us all shake our heads in disbelief.

They are all insane, and the proof of their insanity is always found in the pudding.

In this video, you will see just how silly some of these politicians can be when a news anchor breaks down the attention–or lack thereof–that politicians are giving the fires in the rainforest.

What makes this video funny is the commentators’ ability to explain the attitude of politicians throughout the world and how they foolishly attempt to fix a problem that can’t be fixed by simply kicking it with dirt.

Oh yes, this is something that the people of Brazil are actually doing to put the fires out. Once the anchor saw this, he suggested that maybe Brazil felt kicking dirt onto the fires would work since it seems to help them in a great game of soccer. Unbelievable.

Twerking On Cops

It seems as though people throughout the world get upset over anything, these days.

If you say you are proud of your race, people get angry and call you a bigot. If you say you hate your race, people get angry and call you self-loathing.

You just can’t win, anymore. Unfortunately, the same thing seems to apply to police officers.

Here, we have an officer on duty at a parade that is suddenly being twerked on by a random woman. The cop simply stands there and allows her to dance, but to those online who saw the video, it was a bad choice on his part.

The Extraordinary Origins of Ordinary Things

In this reel, we investigate the curious beginnings of a few everyday objects. We begin with the WWII origins of instant ramen, learn about the accidental invention of Silly String, and meet the voice behind the Kool-Aid Man.