Failing Is Not An Option

The Nightcap


“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

Fashion Fail

I’m by no means a “fashionista” but I have the wherewithal to tell if an outfit is (generally speaking) a good idea or not.

Like, without having to check Instagram or Pinterest, I can already say with full confidence that Fanny packs, shoulder pads, high-waste jeans. visors when you aren’t playing golf, and Crocs when you aren’t in the restaurant industry are already bad ideas.

But this new line of sweatshirts by Bstroy – set to make an appearance in 2020 – is not only a bad idea; it’s uncomfortably disturbing for anyone with eyes.

Check out what makes them uniquely different here and let us know your thoughts!

The Biggest Distraction to Success Was Myself

Are you keeping you from success? Forbes Magazine Top Influencer Justin McClure shares how he transitioned from rock bottom to success by eliminating the distraction of “self”.

Justin McClure, is an autodidactic photographer, videographer, keynote speaker, and former comedian with more than a decade of creative experience. His skill set helped catapult his family to fame in 2016 following their viral YouTube video, “Twins Realize They Look The Same.”

Since, Justin and his family have amassed over 5 million social media followers and partnered with major brands.

Learn how he did it here

Dax Shepard Gives Racy Advice in ‘Ask Dr. Dax’

Dax Shepard took over as guest host for the day, so he brought back his advice segment, “Ask Dr. Dax.” Find out what the unlicensed doctor had to say about how to get over being dumped, having sex when the kids are around, and how to find balance in giving and receiving.

Watch here