Well That Escalated Quickly

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“Every man who is high up likes to think that he has done it all himself, and the wife smiles and lets it go at that.” – James M. Barrie

High Five Fail

There is nothing on earth that makes a person look nerdier than when they go in for a handshake or high five and are left empty-handed, to say the least. Imagine it. The person smiles, looks the other guy in the eyes, and then throws his hand up for a joyful high five, only to see that the other guy walked away. Wow.

When you and another person are experiencing a happy moment, it makes sense that you would want to connect with them by way of a handshake or high five. This is a basic show of comradery and it connects two people in ways a simple smile just can’t. It is unclear why watching people fail at receiving a handshake or high five is so funny, but do we care? It’s like when a person tells a poop joke or a fart joke…somehow, the juvenile sense of humor just gets the best of us.

In this video, you will laugh until you cry when you see just how pitiful people look when they fail at the simple art of getting that perfect handshake from another person. One guy even attempts to give a woman a high five, but when she looks away and doesn’t put her hand up to high five him back, he accidentally hits her right in the breast. There is no way that a person can play that one-off. Good thing for him that the woman had a sense of humor. Can you imagine how that could have turned out if she was one of those #MeToo movement advocates? Yikes!

Time Travel Is Real

There are those of us who believe that time travel exists, but the government simply doesn’t want us to know about it. Think about it for a second. If we have the capability to send men to the moon, then why would you believe that we can’t create technology that would allow us the ability to travel through the space-time continuum? Well, we have finally found proof of time travel for all of you out there who seem to doubt that such a thing could ever exist.

The following video is a compilation of things that were thrown in your face on television that later surfaced throughout the years. For example, in one instance in the video, you will see where Trump was announced as President of the United States and how he not only rode an escalator down to speak with the public but how a sign fell at the same time. This was a scene from a 90’s cartoon! The scene is then placed next to a scene that was filmed when Trump won the 2016 election. It is the exact same scene–even down to the falling sign. This is only one example of how something was shared in later years that actually came into fruition today.

There were people who doubted that men would ever fly–and then the airplane was invented. There were also people who did not believe that we would ever have a television that could display images from across the world in real-time. Needless to say, we have that and more today. Believing in time travel is something that most people find hard to do because they can’t imagine how a person could ever do it. Having an inability to understand something doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Still not convinced?

Check out this video and see for yourself.

At the Bar w/ Brad Pitt

Things escalate quickly when Jimmy bumps into Brad Pitt at a restaurant, and they begin to send complimentary food and drinks each other’s way.

Watch here